Fall 2021 Tour Episode 3 Photo Shoot in San Elijo State Beach

Wave catcher

Our last full day in the San Diego area was a new adventure for us. Bailey invited us to a photo shoot of the CampIt, a product she was preparing to launch. We had never been on a photo shoot before and I looked forward to capturing behind-the-scene activity and snapping candid photos of everyone.

Jon poses with the props

We arrived at San Elijo State Beach campground, where her friends, Amy, Vanessa, and Valerie were setting up the “craft services” with snacks and drinks.

Come get your snacks

Bailey had lucked out in snagging the campsite a few weeks earlier. Campsites at the beach usually sell out within hours or minutes of them opening up online six months in advance.

Wait up! I need to put my shoes on.

The large size of the campsites surprised me. They accommodate tents and RVs up to 35 feet, include picnic tables, and bushes separate the sites for a bit of privacy. Restrooms and showers are also available.

Let’s play ball

Besides the “craft services,” a group of interns shot videos, photographed still shots, and also filled in as models. They and Bailey photographed Jon and me too. One of Jon’s photos made the cut and ended up on one of the GoCampit.com website’s pages.

Switching players

I had expected fast-paced activity with someone directing people to their spots for filming or photography to catch the best light and background. Instead, the scene was calm and slow-paced. Even a walk down the stairs from the cliff to the beach was more of a stroll rather than a hurry-up-before-the-tide-comes-in rush.

A little volleyball action

Too late. The tide had covered up most of the beach. A few throws of the baseball and spikes of the volleyball, was about all they could do.

Just a pile of seaweed washed ashore

Back at the campsite, we all ate lunch and sat around talking. Then the videographer filmed Bailey and the interns/models, putting contents of the CampIt in the box one at a time.

Bailey with the interns

They filmed the interns assembling a tent. A truly hilarious entertainment.

Okay! Time to put up the tent.
How many people does it take to put up a tent?
Bailey to the rescue

Then they filmed an interview with Bailey talking about the CampIt’s origin story.

Okay, ready to go.
The scene is set.

After a few takes, Jon and I took our leave in search of a dinner spot before heading back to the trailer. Brigantine in Del Mar was the perfect place to fill our bellies with fresh seafood.

The three different styles of CampIt
View from the campsite
Drink break
Filming of Bailey during interview
Kobe wanted his picture taken too.

It was sad to leave San Diego after a perfect week of exploring Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, and visiting a photo shoot. Our week in San Diego couldn’t have been more perfect, but it was time to move on. We had more places to go, and more people to see.

Next Up: Temecula, California

Safe Travels

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