More COVID-19 Fun in the Garden and Other Activities

Our past six months have not been all about gardening vegetables or going to the farmer’s market or store to pick up food and supplies. We picked up wine orders at the wineries, stopped for breakfast or lunch at outdoor dining establishments, and even went to the dentist. We got much-needed haircuts too. There wasn’t much else we could do since museums and similar establishments were all closed. And then lightening strikes started fires all over the state, emitting ash and soot that hung over us like a scratchy woolen blanket.

Back in February, I never dreamed we would hunker down in our home without venturing out into the world for this long. At first we were told to shelter in place for two weeks, then it turned into a month, and then another month, and on and on.

When COVID-19 first hit, my son-in-law said, “We’re going to be dealing with the virus into 2021 and maybe even 2022. There’s no way we’ll be making the trip to Hawaii.” I didn’t believe him then. We moved our April trip to October. I was positive the situation would get better by fall. All my positivity was for naught. And here we are with no end in sight, just like he said, and our trip canceled again.

So here are a few things we’ve done during our lockdown besides gardening and fifth wheel trailer maintenance and renovations.

I was a little leery about going to the beach after seeing news reports of overcrowding and people flaunting social distancing and masks. At Half Moon Bay, I didn’t feel unsafe at all. Everyone kept their distance and wore masks while walking around.

Ocean waves chasing boy on shore
Grandson Jackson dared the waves to catch him
Shore bird on sand
The shore birds posed for photos
Red, yellow, and blue kite with red and blue streamers against the sky
Kites flew in the sky
Boy digging in sand on beach and woman wrapped in towel sitting in a chair
Towels kept my daughter and me warm while Jackson dug to China

Jigsaw puzzles kept us from the ever worsening news reports on some days.

Puzzle of old time gas station, old time cars, and trees in the background, cloudy skies, and eagle flying
Road Stop Service

When I heard our dentist was open and learned about their protocols, I didn’t hesitate to schedule my bi-annual appointment. My hygienist, protected by her PPE, met me at the door, took my temperature, and walked me to the room. Everything else was just the same, and I felt as safe as ever.

Dental hygienist wearing mask, glasses, protective plastic mask, blue gown, and green gloves
Dental hygienist at Andre & Judson Dental Corp.

We enjoyed outdoor dining for breakfast, lunch, or coffee and danish a few times. Bill’s Cafe serves breakfast and lunch.

Door entrance to restaurant, server in the background
Patrons not allowed indoors for dining
People sitting under blue and red umbrellas at tables
Ample umbrellas and extra set-ups in the parking lot made it feel like business as usual

At first we had to take our coffee and go, and a few weeks later patrons could sit outside and finish their drinks. But no hogging the table and pretending the coffee house is your office.

Peet's paper coffee cup, blue mask, Hawaiian style purse
A cup of coffee and danish for a quick snack

My favorite was lunch at Beeb’s Sports Bar & Grill at the Las Positas Golf Course in Livermore, where we grabbed a table on the shaded patio. The bonus was watching planes take off from the airport next door and the golfers practicing their putts before their tee times.

Restaurant building with water feature
Water feature outside Beeb’s
Parts of umbrellas, Edison lights, and a plane flying in the sky
The roar of airplanes filled the sky
Green golf course, trees, golf cart, and bench
What’s more relaxing than a green golf course?
Black bird with red on shoulder standing on a table
Watch out for the birds. They are aggressive and will steal your food if you’re not paying attention.

In Downtown Pleasanton, they block off Main Street every weekend to allow the stores and restaurants to serve their customers outside.

Blue cabana and tables and chairs set up on the street next to the restaurant
Setting up dining for the day.

A few family birthdays fell during June and July, so while practicing social distancing, we had barbecues, desserts, and good times.

Back of blue house, man cooking, deck chairs, and wrought iron table.
Jon cooking up baby back ribs
Plate, fork, and knife with lemon meringue pie
Our daughter requested lemon meringue pie instead of birthday cake
Man, woman, teen girl, and young boy on a couch with presents in foreground
Our daughter Laura, granddaughter Maya, grandson Jackson, and son-in-law Chris. Yes, you can use Christmas wrapping for birthdays during a pandemic.

And now, to continue with the gardening theme, we present photos of flowers and succulents growing in our yard. Jon enjoyed watering and trimming the plants, while I reveled in the opportunity to set up my tripod and take my time capturing images. When we’re traveling, my photography is more fly-by then a slow methodical approach.


Red rose bud closed
Red Rose Bud
Red rose bud opening
Red Rose
Peach colored roses on bush
Peach Rose
Red heirloom roses plus bee
Bees love the heirloom roses

Gerbera Daisies

Many gerbera daisies in a flower bed
Gerbera daisies multiply each year
Close up of gerbera daisy
A close up look of a gerbera daisy

Other Flowers

Yellow marigold flower
Pink and white geraniums
Red flower and green leaves
Shining Mandevilla (Mandevilla splendens)


Succulents in oval pails on bakers rack
The Succulent Collection
Succulents in an oval pail
Ghost Plant (Graptopetalum) sprouting flowers
Yellow ghost plant blooms
Ghost Plant Blooms
Blue rose succulent sprouting blooms
Blue Rose (Echeveria imbricata) sprouting
Blue rose buds on blue background
Buds of the Blue Rose
Blue rose blooms on blue background
Blue Rose Blooms

At the end of September, California’s COVID-19 cases and deaths are finally coming under control. I feared the opposite would materialize after the Labor Day weekend. Perhaps the fires and weeks under Spare-the-Air days kept people inside more than usual.

No one knows if we’ll continue to see an improvement in cases and deaths, or if we’ll go backward on the economic opening. Whatever happens, we plan to get out on the road more for at least a few weeks.

Coming up next is our maiden voyage in the fifth wheel after this long spell so we can try out all of Jon’s renovations. Destination: Pescadero, California.

9 thoughts on “More COVID-19 Fun in the Garden and Other Activities

  1. My SIL works for a local county health dept. and she too said we’ll be dealing with this virus stuff well into 2021 and maybe even 2022 😥 We’ll just have to find a safe way to continue with life even if it’s somewhat limiting. Enjoy your upcoming trip and I enjoyed your photos, especially the rose images.

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