Dog Days of Covid-19

Hi, Jon here.

Linda asked me to write a piece on my latest project on the Cougar 5th wheel trailer. Not being able to travel because of the virus issues has caused me to look at some things we had disliked about our little “home on the road.” The latest project concerned the kitchen sink and faucet.

Pictured below is the original setup which we didn’t like because the sink is a two basin and both basins were so small we could not wash a frying pan or large pot in it. The old faucet would not reach far enough even though we previously replaced the nozzle with a swivel style.

White double sink and faucet on RV kitchen counter
Old Sink and Faucet

So after researching what was available as a replacement, I proceeded to pull it apart. It was pretty simple once the drains, there were two of them, were disconnected along with the hot and cold water lines. There were also six metal clips with wing nuts to remove from the underside of the sink. Once done, the whole thing just lifted out.

RV Kitchen Counter with a hole where the sink goes
Demo Done

We chose a single basin sink, which has only one drain. Also, the new faucet is a single handle that has a pull-down spout. I had to bore a hole in the countertop for the new faucet. Once that was done, it was easy to connect the water lines. Then it was just a matter of dropping in the new sink and connecting the single drain.

New RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet
New Single Basin Sink

The hardest part was putting the clip-wing-nut thingies under the sink. I was only able to get the front ones because I’m too big to fit into the cabinet below the sink. Linda came to the rescue (I knew there was a good reason I married a small woman). She easily fit inside to complete the job!

Stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Dog Days of Covid-19

  1. Great job Jon. I would love to replace my kitchen sink, but what I want would require a smaller hole and thus a new countertop. Personally, I don’t see the problem, but Al has other thoughts 😆


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