Hawaii June 2022: Episode 1

June 6, 2022, had arrived. After two years and two months of waiting and wondering, we were on our way. After two years and two months of pandemic isolations, masks, vaccinations, tests, and restrictions, we boarded a plane. Destination: Kauai with a quick stop in Honolulu.

Honolulu Airport Garden

The house was perfect for our family of eight. It included a fully equipped kitchen overlooking the great room. The sliding window wall opened into a screened-in lanai containing outdoor seating and a dining table. Green grass in the backyard and a stone pathway led to a sparkling pool and spa.

Our Kauai Home for 11 Nights
Lanai and Backyard

The three adult couples each had their own bedroom and bath. I was concerned our teen granddaughter and grandson might bicker about sharing a room with twin beds and a bath. They showed me wrong and got along just fine. And the laundry facilities and outdoor shower came in handy.

Kitchen and Living Area
Friendly Geckos Kept us Entertained
Refreshing Pool and Spa Available
Morning Sunrise

But we didn’t fly seven hours across the Pacific Ocean cooped up in an airplane to sit around a house all day. We were in Kauai to explore. Time to go to the beach.

Bailey, Jackson, and Kevin walk to a better boogie board spot.

Poipu Beach was a short drive from the house, so we loaded up the cars and set out. I dreamed of taking off my wrist brace and soaking my arm in salt water for a while. The splints and casts I had worn for eight weeks had rubbed sores around my wrist and the brace wasn’t helping much, either.

Although other people ventured into the water, when I heard the waves had knocked a few people over, I decided it wasn’t a good idea for me to dip my toes or arm in the water for fear I’d fall and cause more damage.

Chris, Laura, and Maya espy something interesting

Watching the seal and sea turtle sunning on the island, taking a few photos, and a walk to the Marriot kept me busy. When we returned to the house, I shed my brace and let my arm be free in the pool. I don’t think chlorine has the healing powers of salt water, but I was grateful to escape the brace and let my hand and arm float atop the water for a while.

A lifeguard repeatedly told people to stay off the island to protect the Monk Seal and Green Sea Turtle basking in the sun.

Sadly, I was stuck at the house nursing my wrist while everyone else had a grand time on the third day’s activity: Kauai Mountain Tubing Adventure.

The Tubing Crew prepping for their float. From left: Bailey, Maya, Laura, Chris, Jackson, Kevin, and Jon.

The Lihue Plantation lands are the setting for tubers to float through open canals and hand-dug tunnels and flumes, which were engineered and constructed around 1870.

Headlamps are required for the dark tunnels, and gloves and water shoes protect hands and feet from the rough sides. The 3-hour adventure includes lunch and cold water. Book reservations early, especially for large groups.

Tubing was the one thing I wanted to do while in Kauai. Since I missed out, I now have a good excuse to return to the island.

Stay tuned for more Kauai fun to come.

Safe Travels

10 thoughts on “Hawaii June 2022: Episode 1

  1. I love Hawaii, been there twice, only to Oahu. I’m sure the other islands are just as nice (probably nicer since, I hear, they are less crowded). I hope you get a chance to go again before long and do all the things you couldn’t do this time.

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    1. Hawaii is a special place. And has so much to offer. We’ve only spent two days in Honolulu which we found too commercialized. I imagine the rest of the island is more rural, which I would prefer.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry you missed out on the tubing adventure. Breaks are such a pain!

    You could always tube somewhere here in the states. We have a non-exciting version near New Richmond on the Apple River where you’re lucky to even moved downstream — so gentle is it — and there’s no cliffs or tunnels just lazy summer sun. More my speed. 🙂

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