Lake Havasu City, Arizona: The Bunker Bar

We interrupt the Summer 2021 New Mexico series, to bring you a more current update. We’ll have blog posts about our Fall 2021 Family & Friends Tour once we finish the New Mexico series. But for now, we wanted to give our friend Chris Blackwell and The Bunker Bar in Lake Havasu a stand-alone post.

Our last visit to Lake Havasu was in November 2019. During that trip, we saw the progress made toward a dream. I understood the concept even though it was hard for me to visualize what the blank slate of land would become.

Container structures for the bar, store, restrooms, and band stage

He and his family had worked for years to bring a desert bar to the community of Lake Havasu. He saw the potential to offer a place about 2.5 miles off US Route 95 for people from town and sport utility vehicle enthusiasts to step off the dusty trail for a cold drink, tasty food, and music.

This container is for the drinks

The simple plan turned into one hurdle after another until on January 1, 2020, when the venue opened for business. A few months later the bar closed due to the pandemic. Another tough obstacle to overcome for a business only opened three days a week during the cooler months of the year.

This container will become the stage for the band

We avoided The Bunker Bar on November 6, 2021, because they were hosting lunch for the Desert Hills PFFA 3rd Annual Side X Side Poker Run event. Come Sunday, we traversed the gravel road and were amazed at the transformation and pleased to see the success of Chris’ hard work and patience.

The Bunker Bar at Thirsty Lizard Road
Ashtrays on each table keep the place clean of butts

While the band plays in the background, gals and guys can sit and talk at the tables (if the band doesn’t play too loud), dance in front of the bandstand, or show off their cornhole skills. It looks like there are enough sets to conduct a tournament.

Great music. Wish I knew the name of the band.
Anyone up for a game of cornhole?

Minnesota Mitch’s Mess Hall serves up hamburgers, sandwiches, and fries. Or one can opt for a hotdog, fish & chips, or chicken tenders. Non-alcoholic drinkers can pick up a Mister Root Beer or fresh lemonade. Step up to the bar for a mixed drink, or choose one of the locally brewed beers.

Food and non-alcoholic drink stands

Stop by the store to pick up a T-shirt, hat, drink cozy, and other products.

Sittin’ in the shade in front of the store
Olive drab trash/recycle drums and helicopter are all part of the military theme

Jon created a 360-degree video of the bar while the band played. Click here to watch the video and hear a snippet from the band.

So here’s to Chris and his family who supported him through the process, and play roles to make The Bunker Bar a success. May the guests continue to roll in, may the drinks and food continue to flow, and may the musical bands continue to play on and on for many seasons to come.

Congratulations to all who made The Bunker Bar possible.

Safe Travels

10 thoughts on “Lake Havasu City, Arizona: The Bunker Bar

  1. Christopher Eugene Blackwell

    Thank you Jon and Linda! This project seemed so small and straight forward when we started it. Boy, how does the County, State and Federal bureaucracy quickly humble you but we made it. I love your photo history of how things all came together. Thanks again and enjoy your travels.

    Liked by 1 person

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